Homes for Sale in Fredericktown MO

Here in southeastern Missouri, the Ozark Mountains begin their rise and clear streams run through ravines of solid rock.  At Castor River Shut-ins, the waters thread their way through huge pink granite boulders and tumble down the rock face to pools ideal for a private swim or quiet fishing. The Mark Twain National Forest, around 1.5 million acres of protected woodland, is the only national forest in the state, and offers endless recreational opportunities.  The area includes several small towns that offer easy access to outdoor fun. Homes for sale in Fredericktown MO will appeal to anyone looking for a safe, affordable community with unmatched natural surroundings.  Fredericktown MO real estate includes homes in town as well as farm and hunting properties in the surrounding county.

Houses Fredericktown MO for Sale

The countryside in Madison County supports a great deal of wildlife, and is also ideal for livestock. The land provides the livelihood of many residents of Fredericktown. There are many homes in rural settings, and there are homes for sale in Fredericktown MO that are right in town as well, and ideal for families. Good schools, city parks, the public library, and thriving small businesses make Fredericktown a great place to be, and those looking to relocate will find a variety of rentals as well as homes to buy.

With its relaxed lifestyle and wonderful surroundings, Fredericktown has a lot to offer.  If you are intrigued, contact us at Swinford Realty LLC for all the best information on homes for sale in Fredericktown MO.  We look forward to helping make your real estate transaction a great success. Connect today to get started!

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